(muthahagu) Travel Insurance

 Travel insurance products from IMG may not prevent the unexpected, but may allow you to pack peace of mind as you go along. With over 25 years of experience in providing international medical and tourism insurance and services, IMG has plans to help you put your grievances aside and stay focused on your amazing journey.

And because IMG experts are experts in international tourism insurance, they have developed unparalleled services to support their customers and their products including:

They represent customer service in multiple languages ​​to help overcome language barriers

Locations of an international aid center to ensure they can be found there and where you need them

Medical management services to give you 24/7 access to the Chief Medical Officer and registered nurses to coordinate emergency medical care even outside normal working hours.

Currency conversion helps you eliminate expensive conversion costs and get you the money you need quickly

So, whatever your reason for leaving the country, no matter how long you will be traveling, IMG wants to be on that trip with you to help relieve some of your travel worries. And they won't even take a window seat.

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